Are your map really made of wood?
Yes, it’s real wood. We use two materials, natural wood and HDF (High Density Fiberboard).

What is the thickness of the map?
Just 3.0 mm!

How to apply the map to a wall?
Each map comes with detailed multilanguage instructions.

How to remove the map?
If you want to remove the map in the future you can use glass or framing frame substrate.

How does shipping work?
We offer international shipping options - no matter where you are, you can buy from us!

The delivery time can vary depending on the delivery method that you choose when placing an order. Please do not panic if it does not show up immediately, it's on its way (please email us for tracking).
What if I need to return something?
No worries! Contact us right away and we'll help guide you through the process - we'll send you details.